Our Vision

There are so many brilliant local shops out there creating quality products that aren’t reaching the local communities they were designed to serve. We wanted to change that, so we set up the Local Supplies online marketplace to help them connect and build a thriving local economy.  

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want to help local consumers buy from their favourite small shops, convenience stores, Indian grocery stores and garden centres through an easy-to-use, secure and world-class online marketplace.  

Why did we start Local Supplies?

We were driven to set up Local Supplies for two reasons – to help local business owners and to grow a supportive online community.

Building an online presence can be a struggle for many small businesses such as local convenience stores and nurseries. We wanted to make that process painless by creating an easy-to-use e-commerce channel, which would enable local shops to build a new secure revenue stream. With Local Supplies, you don’t need lots of tech knowledge or extra set-up capital to start trading, you just create a profile on our online marketplace and immediately connect with your local customer base.

In 2020, as businesses struggle and consumers try to comply with social distancing measures, it’s never felt more important to shop locally. Local Supplies is designed so we can all support our local shops while bolstering our community, our economy and the local job market.

Our goals for 2021 and beyond

  1. Save perishable and seasonal plants, which might otherwise spoil in the current COVID-19 lockdown and beyond
  2. Help local garden centres, nurseries, and grocers earn revenue by selling their products online
  3. Provide an online channel for garden centres, nurseries, and grocers to plan their product sales in 2021 and beyond
  4. Provide an online marketplace for local consumers to buy gardening and grocery products from the comfort of their homes without going to shops

People behind Local Supplies

UK-based entrepreneurs Himani Tiwary and Onkar Singh Lohtham co-founded social enterprise start-up Local Supplies.com.

Himani is an electronics engineer. She is the founder and CEO of London-based product management consultancy firm Product Hub Hob. She is also the lead trainer and co-founder of Digital Skills Mastery – an online academy to train digital professionals.

Onkar has a Masters in Business & Management from the University of Strathclyde in the U.K. He co-founded Product Hub Hob with Himani, to help companies successfully build their digital products. He is also the lead trainer and co-founder of Digital Skills Mastery – an online academy to train digital professionals. Onkar is the CEO & CPO of Local Supplies.

We look forward to serving you!